Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My opinion about Makeup Revolution.

Hello, I haven't written in ages but I want to make a quick post about Makeup Revolution. So being a makeup lover and obviously watching a LOT of youtubers reviewing products I fall sometimes into the hype.
You probably have heard about this company that has supposedly all those great super affordable products with lots of dupes for popular high end products like Too faced chocolate bars and Urban Decay's Naked Palettes and the Lorac Pros. So I placed an order and I got: the I heart makeup Chocolate Vice Palette, Pink Fizz, Iconic Pro 2, Newtrals vs Neutrals, the blush queen blush palette, matte blush in Divine, a lip lava in tremour and I received also a mystery bag with a matte foundation, the radiant light highlighter in glow, a mono shadow in acid, a metal shadow, a blush stick and 2 velour lip creams.
Having fallen for the hype and ALL the positive reviews out there on how amazing (especially) their eyeshadows are I was super excited to place an order getting dupes for pricey items but after i received the package I'm sad to say I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED. First of all ALL the items except the pink fizz palette, the foundation and the 3 lip products have a terrible cheap chemical/plastic smell and no it's not from the packaging it's from the actual products. If you have being interested in makeup and the youtube beauty community for over 5-6 years before all the companies started to make good quality shadows you might remember that there were some ebay 88 and 120 shadow palettes that were popular (due to lack of colorful shadows from a lot of companies) and  if you had purchased one you will for sure remember that chemical plastic smell that the shadows had. Well these smell even more intensly. Let me elaborate more the issues that I had with every product or what I liked. So let's start.

Besides the strong chemical smell, the shadows perform VERY poorly to the point that after 10 minutes from the application the colors from the crease are gone! I've tried all 4 of the shadows with 2 different primer, I never had this problem before, my eyes are not oily but LITERALLY after 10 minutes my crease is naked! Now let's say I could get over the smell but the fact that the product itself is bad and non usable is very, VERY UPSETING to me. And yes, they might cost around 12-15 euro but it's like you throw that amount of money right in the trash can since there is no point using the shadows. Blendability is also disappointing where the matte colors tend to get muddy and lost one in the other while the dark colors are hard to blend and the light and shimmery colors are a nightmare to show. I'm not trying to bash the company but their eyeshadows are by far THE WORST EYESHADOWS I'VE EVER TRIED! 

Same thing with above, it doesn't even swatch it just disappears no matter how much you try to build it up. I got a neon yellow shadow, I think it's called Acid and let me tell you if you want a neon color you have better luck with the sleek makeup acid palette.

Again bad smell, some colors are pigmented when they swatch, they are ok to apply but again the lasting power is very bad and mind that I have dry skin and blushes are long lasting on me.

I got the colour tremor which is supposed to be a dupe for Too Faced Melted Peony which I own. The colors are indeed very similar with Melted Peony being sliiiightly darker and pinkier. This is a product I actually liked. The packaging is a little annoying because it's very flimsy and hard to squeeze while the too faced tube doesn't have that issue but I do like the product I have NO COMPLAIN about this, no weird smell either and it's quite long lasting so at least this wasn't a bust!

One of the mystery bag products at first I was like this will be a fail but it's actually NOT THAT BAD! I've dry skin but it doesn't feel drying, it feels smooth, has very light coverage but you can build it up a little, lasting power is just ok but i think oily skins would definitely have an issue with it.

One of the mystery bag items, again. This one has also the chemical smell but it is quite pretty and smooth, it gives  a settle glow to the skin and the lasting power is ok. I like it.

One more item from the mystery bag, I did like this one too, it blends easily and it's actually getting a lot sheer than when you swatch it which is nice because I'm fair so it doesn't look weird. You do have to build it up but I don't mind, I like it.

Velour Lip Creams:
I received a bubblegum pink and a true red. They have a very pleasant sweet scent.
The red one swatches  nicely and opaque while the pink looks like it disappears and if you try to build it up it gets stricky. They don't dry, they stay liquid on the lips, again staying power is pretty bad.

I didn't bother swatching as it will be a nightmare to try and build every shadow in order to show. Generally I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED especially with the shadows which is weird that they are one of the category that Makeup Revolution is praised for. When I placed the order i was thinking of getting the Too Faced sweet peach palette which costs around 50 euro (what i paid for all the makeup revolution items) but I thought since it'll arrive very late in my country (if it arrives at all) I'd rather get a bunch of other products with that money than one palette. But I was wrong. I own all 3 of the too faced chocolate bars and every time i use them it's a pleasure, wonderful application, no issues and I quite regret spending money on items that are not useful :( 

I WILL NOT be repurchasing ANY Makeup Revolution items again and I hope this will be a lesson to me to not fall for the hype that sometimes is not justified in the beauty community and I should always PREFER QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Because you'd rather have one item that you love than 10 that are not working for you.

Talk to you later, thank you for taking the time to read.
EDIT: the following photo was taken half an hour after I applied the makeup your left side is too faced and your right one is makeup revolution. On both sides was used the same primer and also glitter base.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My foundation shades

So I thought of making a post with the foundations that I've used so far so that I can have them concentrated in one place as a reference when I review a foundation and maybe help someone that has the same foundation shade with me to know aroung which other foundations (shade-wise) would suit their skin tone. Now this doesn't mean that if 2 people wear the same shade of a specific foundation they wear the same shades for EVERY foundation but it might be helpful for foundations that come in very little shades and have a difference from a shade to the other.

The truth is I haven't tried a whole lot of foundations in my 28 years since I didn't battle with a lot of visible problems so I didn't have the need to try a lot. But I will be trying more foundations and probably make updates of this post once in a while. I will mention any foundations, bb creams or powders that suit my skin and the season that they match my skin.

BB Creams:
Garnier Skin Naturals, Miracle Skin Perfector in Light/Medium (in the summer)

Avon Calming Effects - Ivory (winter)
Catrice BB allround foundation - 002 Rosy Beige (winter)
Catrice BB allround foundation - 003 Nude Beige (summer)
Rimmel Match Perfection - 100 Ivory (winter)
MAC Face and Body Foundation - N2
p2 Illuminating Touch Makeup - 25 Touch of Nude
p2 Feel Natural (01 in winter, 02 when slightly tanned or mix of 01-02, mix of 02+03 summer)
Seventeen (Greek Company) Time Plus - 02

Powders/ Powder Foundations:
Avon Color Trend Powder - Translucent
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation - NC25 (all seasons)
Seventeen Natural Silky Compact Powder - 08 Beige (summer) 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rimmel London - Match Perfection Foundation - First Impression

Hello good people! How are you? I apologize for the lack of my posts but I had a long and very stressful exam session that affected my health so I wasn't feeling like writing even though I had a lot of topics on mind but here I am with a first impression on Rimmel's foundation "Match Perfection - Light Reflecting Radiance Foundation".

I am on the hunt for a new foundation since my beloved p2 Illuminating Touch Makeup and my Catrice BB allround foundations seem to started going "odd" (noticed a smell) I thought better off getting something else. Hunting for a foundation for a sensitive, dry, dehydrated, flaky with redness skin can be safely characterized as a pain in the butt. But I happened to read and see a lot of good reviews about Rimmel London's "Match Perfection" foundation and since it was pretty cheap I thought "let's be spontaneous and try it" (I normally research for like 2 months before I decide to buy a product).

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a complete review and only a "First Impressions" post so these are my thoughts on the foundation from trying it only a handful of times.

Comes in a glass bottle with a blue plastic cap and one positive thing I have to mention right away is that it has a pump! Its normal price in Romania from the store that I got it from is around 8.6 euros but I got it at the price of 6.4. The quantity is the standard 30ml for foundations and it has an spf of 18. Its texture is very liquidy and runny which is ok since you can be reckless on the application without resulting to a cakey face.

What it claims:
Traceless coverage foundation with Advanced Smart-Tone (that is ironic, you'll see why) tehnology for perfectly flawless skin under any light. Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow. Lasts all day.

The shade I got was "100 Ivory" and when I applied it to my face it was matching me perfectly until 10 minutes later that it went ORANGE! I first thought that I might have smeared blush or something all over my face so I decided to apply also to my neck (that at the beginning it wasn't necessary since as I said the shade was matching me pretty well). Needless to say after a few minutes the area of my neck covered with the foundation had also taken the orange teint as my face. I cannot believe it oxidized SO BADLY but maybe sometimes you just get what you pay for (I was hesitating on splurging on the Estee Lauder Double Wear but I think I HAVE to invest in a good foundation, my face deserves it, since I am getting closer to 30 I have to be more gentle to my skin).

Aside from the oxidizing part, it really does give a very nice coverage, as I said you don't look cakey whatsoever, it didn't cling on my dry patches like a lot of foundations do (like the Rimmel Wake me up for example) you could still see some of my red spots but they were very well covered and almost not visible. It gives indeed a lovely radiance, gives to the skin a flawless appearance and it doesn't feel dry. So it has a lot of advantages BUT oxidizing is a pretty big disadvantage that you can't really work with (I already picked the lightest shade that is available in this country and ordering from another country the even lighter one just with the hope that after oxidizing it would match it it's not really worth it to me).

Here are some pics from it:
I've pointed out (not professionally at all, lol) the areas on my neck free of foundation, in the pictures it doesn't look like that much of a difference but in reality the difference is quite noticeable (meaning that I would definitelty have to cover my neck too if I don't wanna look like a wear a mask if I continue using this).

My verdict:
This foundation does give a lovely coverage and it seems like is ok for dry skins but that "Smart-Tone" tehnology isn't so smart after all. I will try to work with it so maybe in the future I will write a complete review on it but only probably in the summer that I will be a bit pinker/more red from the sun myself otherwise this might end up to a friend that matches the oxidized shade of it. Too bad Rimmel!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Balea Shaving Gel "Summertime" (Mango Smell) Review.

Hello! Happy new year! I hope you are doing great! Today I'm going to talk to you about a Shaving Gel from Balea company (company that is sold in DM stores).

Now I usually use my boyfriend's shaving gel because... well it works well, it doesn't irritate and it's always in hand in the house but I was passing by a DM store like 2 weeks ago and I am always tempted to enter them so I did.
They had some shaving gels on sale and I wanted to be all fancy like and have my own "girly" shaving gel so I picked up the Mango smelling one.

Comes in a classic shaving gel's tube of 150ml and the gel itself is blue turning into a white foam when you apply it on the skin, ordinary stuff.

What the product promises:
"The soothing feeling smoother and softer skin, rounded by the fresh and fruity mango scent that delights the senses. The rich moisturizer moisturizing formula pampers the skin during shaving."

What I think:
The positive thing I've to say about this gel is smells nice. Unfortunately that is the ONLY positive thing about it. 
It doesn't make the skin at all smoother, it doesn't feel moisturizing and it doesn't pamper you during shaving. On the contrary, the skin feels quite aweful and dry while shaving, it doesn't "prepare" the skin or the hairs for shaving like other gels do and the shaving becomes hard like you shave your legs dry basically. It actually makes the skin so dry and rough that I even managed to cut myself in a lot of spots with a protective razor (mach 3) and I have NEVER managed to cut myself with this razor before. After the shave obviously, the skin feels super irritated, red, itchy and painful. I even tried applying a ridiculously big amount of it with the hope that it will be better but it made no difference whatsoever.
Basically I don't even think I will finish up this product since it was so terrible for me, I might give it to someone but I'm sceptical I wouldn't want anyone to end up with irritated and cut skin, Bad job Balea.

This is probably one of the worst products I've tried in a long time, that will teach me to stick to my boyfriends trusted shaving gel! Cheers :)

My grade for it:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! - 100th Post, New Hair AND Makeup Tutorial!

Hello my dears! First I would like to wish you Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays or Happy anything that you celebrate!

I took a breath those last days and rested since I had caught a heavy cold (the charm of Romanian weather) but I wanted to make a post today. I also recorded a makeup tutorial (speed-tutorial basically) without voice over just so anyone can watch it. I also dyed my hair dark lol.

So here is my video and list of products (I know a lot of them might come from companies you don't have access to but you can always improvise with what you have like I do :) )

Catrice "BB allround foundation" no. 020 & 030
Rimmel "Wake me up" concealer "Ivory"
Avon Eyeshadow Base (used as a corrector)
Bobbi Brow "Sheer Finish Pressed Powder" no. 07 White
Benefit "Hoola" Bronzing Powder
P2 "Powder and Blush Duo" no. 010 Beaute (from their "Beauty Stories limited edition")
MAC "Mineralize Skin Finish" in "Soft and Gentle"

Essence "I <3 Stage" Eyeshadow Base
Maybelline "24hour Color Tattoo" no.35 On and on bronze
Maybelline "24hour Color Tattoo" no.65 Pink gold
Andriana Karembeu "The Flash" no.003 (The fuchsia pigment)
Seventeen Cosmetics "Sparkling Eye Shadow" no. 02 Rose (the rosey copper pigment)
Golden Rose "Terracotta Eyeshadow" no.107 (the berry rose color at the crease)
Leish pigment no. 73 (from ebay, the gold pigment on the inner corner of the eye)
Chanel Eyeshadow in "Premier Or" on the inner corner near tear duct
ArtDeco "Baked Eyeshadow" no.345 on lower lash line (out of the frame)
Essence "All about Nude" eyeshadow palette (cream pink color on crease and lower lash line, sparkling silver under brow and the dark burgundy on the lower lash line at outer corner)
Erre Due "Silky Eye Pencil" no.27 (the gold pencil on water line)
Erre Due "Silky Eye Pencil" no.23 (the light pink pencil on water line)
Manhattan Eyeliner 12.1 (the purple/pink pencil on lash line)
MAC "Fluidline" in Blacktrack
Rimmel "ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl" no.001 Black (upper water line)
Kallos Love "Perfect Volumizing Mascara"

Maybelline "24hour Color Tattoo" no.40 Permanent Taupe

I let the lips free with lip balm!

Lots of love,
xo Heliana xo

Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Take a peek at my vanity" Series - No.1 - "Your Cupcake" Essence eyeshadow palette.

Hello! How are you? Excited that the holidays are so close? I bet you are and I am too! Finally I will get some rest! I haven't had almost AT ALL free time these past 2 months! I wanted to write so many posts but I just didn't have the time to stay down for half an hour and write, so crazy! SO!

I decided to make a sort of post series with the title "Take a peek at my vanity" in  which I will basically present to you items from my collection telling you a few words about them, swatch them for you etc just for entertainment. I will make such posts once in a while usually about items that I have a long time and I didn't review them or they might have been limited edition or who knows :D

In this post, as the title says I'm gonna write about a limited edition (as far as I know) eyeshadow palette from Essence, called "Your Cupcake". Now I have to mention I am terribly confused about the availability of this palette as I knew that it was a limited edition palette back in 2012, however, I got it as a gift from my friend from Germany this year in 2014 so I'm not sure what is the deal. I read somewhere that at first this was only bought by points if you belonged at the Essence club and then they released it again as a summer edition but I don't know for sure, I'll try to get some more information from my friend and let you know.

Another bizarre thing about this palette is that the old reviews about it (back in 2012) say that the bright colors of this palette are not very strong and they fade fast and the swatches I had seen were indeed very powdery and weak but the colors in my palette are amazing, the swatch beautifully, they are pigmented, easy to blend and with great durability on the lid, so maybe they really re-released them and maybe re-formulated the shadows? NO IDEA! But enough blubbering, let me show you the palette...

This is what the palette looks like. The concept is very similar to the old Urban Decay palette "Alice in Wonderland". It is cardboard with a lid that holds a mirror and some 3D cardboard figures popping out (sort of tokidoki copies) and then there is a drawer that you pull out and there are the eyeshadows along with brushes and cream liners.

As you can see, the palette contains 12 eyeshadows, 2 brushes and 2 cream eyeliners.

Brushes: One is an eyeshadow brush (green) which is very soft and just an okay brush for applying eyeshadows. The other is an angled eyeliner brush (purple) which is not particularly practical for liner application, I find it too soft and slightly hard to control.

The eyeliners are decent, not hard to work with, the intensity is good, they are not waterproof but they last pretty well!

Let's talk about the shadows!
01: Off white almost silver, shimmery
02: Shimmery gold/champagne 
03: Flesh toned beige/orange with a velvet finish
04: light blue almost petrol color, finish is almost matte
05: turquoise shimmery
06: medium warm brown with gold tones, shimmery
07: white-blue, velvet finish
08: forest green, matte
09: dark warm brown, matte
10: baby pink, velvet finish
11: deep purple, matte
12: vibrant teal, matte
13 & 14 are the liners, 13 is a dark brown/black and 14 is gray. 

The shadows have to be applied with a primer otherwise they are not gonna show their true colors in any case. Some of them can be pretty powdery (the matte,velvety ones) but with a primer there is no problem whatsoever (at least for me). Even though they are somewhat powdery I didn't have problems with fallout (in any case I usually apply my eye makeup first and then face). They also last pretty long, I use the "I love stage" eyeshadow primer, also by Essence. I will now show you the difference on the intensity of the colors between using primer and not.

Excuse the silly face. In this look I used nr.10 and nr.8 WITHOUT a primer. As you can see the colors show but they are not super intense and you can see my skin color coming off through them.

For this look I used nr.12 and nr.9 WITH a primer (I love Stage eyeshadow primer from Essence) and you can see that the colors show way more intense and needless to say they lasted all day even after I had sweated!

Overall I ADORE this palette. To be honest when I first told my friend to look it up for me and I saw swatches from people on other blogs I thought I made a mistake wanting this but paired up with an eye primer these eyeshadows rock and I actually got a lot of compliments using this palette. I don't know if it's still available, my information about this palette is really limited and I apologize, but if you somehow can get your hands of it grab it, I can easily say it is one of my favorite palettes to use, it has so many colors that you can create tons of different looks and the quality is pretty nice.

Do you have this palette? What are your favorite palettes to use?

As always take care, especially now in the winter!

Much love!
xo Heliana xo

Friday, October 31, 2014

Maybelline's "The Rocket" Volume Express Mascara REreview!

Hello my dears! So you probably remember that I have already done a review for this mascara about 3 months ago? And the truth is I might have been a bit too cruel to my old review. I don't remember for how long I had been using it back then before I made that review but obviously now I have been using it for a much longer period of time and my opinion has changed totally for this mascara.

First of all, what contributed a lot to my first negative review was the fact that it has a plastic wand which is very susceptible to accidents "poke your freaking eyeball, don't laugh it happens" so I was scared to use it too close to the lash line. Once I started being more careful I was able to apply it better without any problems and that helped me see better results as to what this mascara can do for the lashes.

So here are my eyeballs with lots of makeup and the mascara applied on:
Now, as usual, I can't say whether a mascara gives length or not to the lashes because my lashes are very long but I CAN say whether it gives volume or not because I  have sparse lashes and they are also blonde so they are barely visible if i don't wear mascara. Forgetting for a second the lower part of my lashes because of the eyeliner (it might make it hard to see the results) but even at the length of the lashes you can definitely see that it actually gives amazing volume and great separation! The more I got to use this mascara, the more it grew on me and I can actually say that from disliking it, I now LOVE it! 

That plastic wand that I first was frustrated with actually grabs my lashes so nicely, even those smallies which is so weird because some of the bristles are so short that they are almost not visible but they do work really well!

It still is relatively hard to remove but I'm trying to be more patient when taking my makeup off, letting the cotton pad on my lid so that the remover will soak my lashes so I won't have to rub the crap out of them and rip them off. 

I've also notice like every single Maybelline mascara, that their formula changes in time and that also gives greater results. For some reason when I first got this mascara it was hard to work with but after a while it was possible to play more with it and being able to apply more coats. Btw on the photo I have 2 coats on and not generously put since my mascara is at its end.

Having used this mascara almost until its last drop I now have a more complete opinion about it and I have to say that I was wrong at my first review. I will let my first review up for a little while if you are interested to see it but in the future I will take it down since it doesn't do justice to the product. This mascara is now one of my top 5, believe it or not! I will definitely repurchase it.

I hope you found my review helpful, I promise to you and to myself to give more time to new products before I review them so I will see their full potential (I usually review them after a long time anyway but it seems like I needed more time on this particular product).

Anyways, as always, take care and I'll talk to you later gators! ;)

xo Heliana xo